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The text: ” As the seasons of the year spin round, August 1 falls about halfway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.   Known by many names, this day has become a marker for the time when the ripening is done and the fruit ready for harvest.   All year I have been working on my “inner garden” through art, journaling, and meditation.  The harvest of inner well-being has come.”

TWP (c) 2011


I am on the twelfth and final week of my solo trek through The Artist’s Way.  Here is my visual journal response to the task that asks: “Write down any resistance, angers, and fears you have about going on from here.  We all have them.”   (Ugh, I just realized I misspelled ‘resistence’ in the painting.  LOL).   I wish I could end on a brighter note, but since the artist’s way is never static, I know I will have better moments down the path.

TWP (c) 2011

I keep a wellness  journal.  I wanted to change its black cover to something in keeping with the theme.  So I made a simple cover out of a brown paper grocery bag (like what we did to our school books in the fifth grade).  I gessoed the cover and then started applying tissue papers in greens and yellows, and glazing it with gel medium.  I created a digital image out of a mandala I made a while back by adding the heart and the wings.  I affixed it and applied more glazes of gel, ink stamping, and water color crayon.   Here’s the result:

TWP (c) 2011

I’ve been reading Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, listening to podcasts about this work, and indulging in archery. These themes, therefore, have come out in this art journal entry.

The text is a verse from Tolkien’s poem, The Lay of Luthien,  converted into an elvish-style font.   In English,

Farewell sweet earth and northern sky,
for ever blest, since here did lie
and here with lisson limbs did run
beneath the Moon, beneath the Sun,
Luthien Tinuviel.  (p. 178)


Image:  TWP, (c) 2011

My studio used to be a corner consisting of a box of art supplies on the floor and a travel bag of the same on top of it. When I wanted to make art, I would take a masonite drawing board and the bag and go into the living room where there was a bit more space to spread out. Needless to say this was not comfortable or practical, and more to the point, it did not give proper respect to an activity that is important to me and which consumes a lot of my free time.

I am working through the Artist’s Way again, and one of the recent tasks was to set a small goal for yourself and then do it. A big goal of mine is to someday have a separate room serves as a studio; however, where I live now will not accommodate this goal, so I set the small goal to consolidate my art supplies and create a studio that was more than a corner and certainly not on the floor. Therefore, my artist’s date yesterday was to drive down to IKEA and look at small tables. Quite synchronicitously, IKEA had this little table top for less than $20. I got it, assembled it and spent the evening setting up my new space. I can now work on my digital art on the computer and then swing around to work on the non-digital creations. My art and writing books are within arm reach.

I am stoked. 🙂

You can see my “old” studio underneath the table: the box and the bag.

“Elvish Runes”

Mixed media painting

TWP (c) 2011

I have been experimenting in my mixed media art journal with making inkjet printings onto tracing paper and then affixing them in the journal with a gel medium.  I love the translucent yet textured effect.

TWP (c) 2011

Austin Kleon has a great post on his blog entitled How to Steal Like an Artist (and 9 other things nobody told me).  I resonated so much to his advice, that I decided to preserve his points in my art journal.   To read his full article, click here.


This exercise is from SARK’s Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper.  The exercise is to list the reasons that one does not feel like writing.  This spread was created in my tiny 6×4 “travel journal” during my lunch hour. I used water soluble oil pastels, a waterbrush, glued art paper, black Pitt pen, and gold gelly pen.

The text:

Here is a fast list of the reasons I don’t feel like writing:

I am afraid I will reveal too much of myself.

I am afraid I will offend someone.

I am afraid readers will think I am weird.

Too much effort — I’m tired and emotionally exhausted from the Crazy-Makers.

I don’t have anymore new ideas.

Do not let fear and the Crazy-Makers rule your life!

The Wayward Pelican (c) 2011

Altered Book Mixed Media

The text is:

The least explored realm of natural and human experience is not the depths of the oceans, or the vastness of the stars, or the mysteries of the human genome and the theories of quantum physics.  The least explored region is the complex hallways and chambers of the personal psyche.  There are a multitude of rooms, each unique and each relevant only to the individual who owns it.  It may take a lifetime to map this inner architecture and one may never finish.  Enter your room here.

The Wayward Pelican (c) 2011