One of the aims The Artist’s Way program is to get the blocked creative to think outside the box in order to break up the blockage. Two of the specific tasks outlined in the book is to do something you enjoy and another is think of things you did as a child in which you excelled. I combined two tasked in one: after 35 years, I decided to find a archery range and shoot.

There is only one archery range in my area and fortunately it is a reasonable travel distance from me. Secondly, they offer FREE lessons (I guess not all ranges do). And finally, they will lend you good equipment so you don’t have to invest in your own. The synchronicity (a frequent term in TAW) is undeniable. So, with my sister in tow (who was also an excellent archer in her day), we presented ourselves to the master archers at the range.

The bows are a lot different now. When I was younger, our bows did not have sight finders, string beads or fancy handles. However, the principles are still the same, and I am happy to say that I’ve still “got it.” About 80% of my shots were in the bull’s eye.

My sister was a pretty good archer back in the day (she has a nice trophy to prove it). She was a good sport today and let me make a video of her. Here it is:

Only time will tell if this activity has any effect on my creative process. It was fun and most likely, if I can manage the time commitment, I’ll be back on the range soon.