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“Elvish Runes”

Mixed media painting

TWP (c) 2011


Many years ago an amateur genealogist sent me a drawing and a detailed description of a coat-of-arms saying that it belong to my family.  I am just taking this person’s word on this, but I thought the design was pretty cool so I’m going to claim it as legitimate.    A few years back when I was learning how to use Photoshop and Illustrator I decided to render this line drawing in color and depth.  Here’s the result:  (The creature on top is supposed to be a griffin).

TWP (c) 2011

I have been experimenting in my mixed media art journal with making inkjet printings onto tracing paper and then affixing them in the journal with a gel medium.  I love the translucent yet textured effect.

TWP (c) 2011

The Sage smiled at me, her face shiny as a full moon.  Her features were smooth and without wrinkles, yet she seemed ancient, as if she had seen everything that had ever happened in the world from the beginning to the end of time.   Her gown was silk in shades of gray with a  shimmering trim of white brocade.  It was simple but elegant, just like herself.

“How are you today?” she asked in a solid low voice.

Whenever she asked me how I was, it was  not in that trite way you hear from friends or co-workers who really don’t care how you are.  She really meant it.  And even though she already knew better than I did myself how I was faring, she asked anyway.

“I’m fine,” I replied.

Her eyes twinkled.

“Really, I’m okay.”

Her gaze did not waver.

“Okay, everything sucks,” I finally admitted.

TWP (c) 2011

Photo:  I took this image through a backyard photograph when I was a kid.

Austin Kleon has a great post on his blog entitled How to Steal Like an Artist (and 9 other things nobody told me).  I resonated so much to his advice, that I decided to preserve his points in my art journal.   To read his full article, click here.


The woman heard a plop.  She opened her eyes a slit and peered at the spring-fed pond at the foot of the temple steps.  A large carp had leaped and snagged a careless mosquito.   Moments later the woman began to doze again,  but before she could fall completely to sleep, a gentle awareness pushed her to consciousness.  She opened her eyes and before her was the loveliest woman she had ever seen:  The Sage.

TWP, (c) 2011

This exercise is from SARK’s Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper.  The exercise is to list the reasons that one does not feel like writing.  This spread was created in my tiny 6×4 “travel journal” during my lunch hour. I used water soluble oil pastels, a waterbrush, glued art paper, black Pitt pen, and gold gelly pen.

The text:

Here is a fast list of the reasons I don’t feel like writing:

I am afraid I will reveal too much of myself.

I am afraid I will offend someone.

I am afraid readers will think I am weird.

Too much effort — I’m tired and emotionally exhausted from the Crazy-Makers.

I don’t have anymore new ideas.

Do not let fear and the Crazy-Makers rule your life!

The Wayward Pelican (c) 2011