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balance small“Walking in Balance” — Created in Terragen and Photoshop

The Wayward Pelican, (c) 2010


gathering stars small
“Moving the Stars and Turning the Big Dipper”, a digital construction

In my Qigong class, we learned a couple of movements called “Moving the Stars” and “Turning the Big Dipper”. The names describe, in metaphor, the action of gathering vital energy (qi or chi) from the environment and drawing into the body. We were asked to imagine actually scooping stars into the hands as we did the movements. I thought it was such a cool image that I created this.

The Wayward Pelican(c) 2010

equinox and full moon 001 smallTonight is the first full moon to fall on an autumn equinox
in the northern hemisphere in 20 years.

I honor of that, I felt compelled to light candles
and burn white sage incense.

equinox and full moon 007 Small

The Wayward Pelican (c) on the Autumn Equinox, 2010

green health small


The Wayward Pelican (c) 2010
Created in Photoshop and Illustrator